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Colgate-Palmolive’s commitment to fostering a healthier future led to the transformation of their Auckland office, inspired by their recently transformed Sydney office delivered by Cachet Group.

The Auckland office fitout prioritizes cohesion, connection, and practicality, echoing the principles that defined the Sydney project. Spaces seamlessly flow into one another, with articulated floor finishes, curved walls and a layout that inter-connects supporting spaces harbouring organic encounters.

Touches of inspiration from their Sydney office can be seen in the use of timber texture and upholstery. The northwest-facing kitchen is a key area in the workplace that serves as a central gathering point for staff to connect and celebrate. Whilst the front-of-house hosts an elevated arrival space, with timber battened walls and custom reception desk serving the boarding room. The back-of-house features unique windmill-like workstations, mirrored in their Sydney office and a myriad of workpoint styles with a central collaboration table binding the open workspace.

The completed personalised space incorporates fresh timbers, greenery, and calming hues, creating a warm and productive atmosphere that allows Colgate’staff to perform at their best.


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