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International Design Awards – Winner

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WT Partnership is an international quantity surveying company. WT Partnership identified their upcoming workplace relocation as an opportunity to start the organisation’s cultural transition towards collaboration and innovation. This highlighted an obvious opportunity to create an agile workspace which would complement this initiative and allow staff to use the space more effectively.

A workplace online survey conducted by Cachet Group showed current levels of satisfaction with the workplace. This was useful to consider alongside a ‘rebuild’ that aimed to refresh the WTP working culture. One of the key objectives was to break silos and to create a welcoming culture of openness, trust and sense of belonging (everyone being a part of the WTP family). Furthermore, the culture should move to a more flexible working model and a culture where ‘everyone is accountable’.

WTP were looking for real positive change and were willing to challenge the current status quo and push the organisation out of its comfort zone. Acoustically treated focus pods are supported by individual focus rooms, think tank lounges, enclosed media bars and the operable boardrooms in this award-winning design.

Ultimately, WTP aimed to create a workplace and culture where people are proud to work and love to come to work.


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