Commercial Interior Design


The creation of your unique environment for your next workplace. Our design teams take you through the creative steps, visualise options and collaborate with you through a scientific yet human led approach to ensure your beautifully designed spaces become a reality.


By workshopping with you and your staff, we gather insights about your personalised space through office site assessment. Our team translate your vision into workable schematic plans, allowing you to be involved in your space creation. This process encompasses aspects such as interior briefing schematic, ensuring that your design aligns with your company culture and processes.
A workplace design must align with your company culture and processes. Cachet Group provide commercial interior design collaboration to define these aspects and integrate these office design concept to meet your organisational goals.
Choosing a location for your workplace is a difficult decision. Our Office Site Assessment and Due Diligence service ensures your space meets all your requirements for your staff, your growth, and your culture. We evaluate environmental factors, feasibility, and suitability for your new workplace design.
Working with Cachet Group means we can ensure that the concept detailed design for your project is feasible and receives successful completion. We conduct risk identification and mitigation early to accelerate your project from day one.
It is imperative your workplace technology integrates to the dynamic work styles. Our team ensure your commercial interior design integrates technology to your organisation processes to allow your teams to collaborate and thrive.


Introducing aspects of the environment into your commercial interior design create unique personalised spaces. Our design team, where possible, will create environmentally friendly office design spaces that bring together the natural and physical environment into your space.
From interior briefing schematic design, we translate your chosen layout into conceptual visual drawings. Different concepts are explored using the schematic layout as the framework before a preferred option is developed.
3D Visualisation is a powerful mode of communication. Cachet Group produce high-quality renders, flythroughs, and walkthroughs to visually communicate the design intent of a project before it comes to life.
As the project progresses, the chosen concept is developed into refined construction plans to produce detailed design documentation. During this stage, Cachet Group create specifications and estimates which provide an accurate picture of the project cost.
Cachet Group take a holistic approach in obtaining approvals and consents required, reducing hassle for our clients. This is undertaken in conjunction with procurement ensuring your project meets the timeline.
Each project undergoes stringent quality assurance to ensure all office design criteria such as the vision, client requirements, planning and legislative requirements have been met.
Cachet Group create Building Information Modelling in which every aspect of the built asset is developed into digital descriptions, using a set of appropriate technology.



The creation of your unique workplace environment. Our design teams take you through the creative steps, visualise options and collaborate with you through a scientific yet human led approach to ensure your beautifully designed spaces become a reality.

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We lead all aspects of the project, to guarantee every commitment to time, cost and quality is met. Our extensive project management & construction experience through office construction management ensures the highest quality, design alignment and safety standards in the delivery of your new office fitout.

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We don’t just deliver great projects; we also develop great relationships and design construct care. With every space, we offer responsive, full lifecycle support through our Cachet Care Programme; helping you maintain and optimise your commercial interior space by providing interior design maintenance and warranty, now and into the future.

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Create a project board of key spaces and start your brief for your project. Select from over 10 years of our experience across all sectors to create a vision for your next project.