Better Future Sydney 2022

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Akcelo, an award-winning advertising agency, were making a mark, delivering exceptional campaigns for companies like Netflix, McDonald’s, TikTok and Tinder. Within just two years of launching, Akcelo quickly grew to a team of over 130 staff.

Soon enough, the agency was ready to vacate their co-working environments and engaged Cachet Group to design and construct their first dedicated Sydney workplace – a space designed to further ignite the high performance, collaborative culture Akcelo’s worked so hard to build.

The brief was unique as it required a flexible yet relaxing workplace during the day, and a bar-style event space in the evening, for not only their staff but also clients. Cachet’s response was to create a design that had an essence of a co-working environment.

The ground floor was divided into two zones; the event space connecting to the boardroom and the ‘dark side’ under the mezzanine. The dark side hosts a suite of digital meeting rooms, work booths, collaboration tables and banquettes. A noteworthy space is the sound recording room and interconnected edit-suite, arming Akcelo with a state-of-the-art facility, inhouse.  A signature pool table and tiered seating positioned under stairs connects these two zones.

Upstairs, Cachet designed the ‘Engine Room’. With a range of flexible desking to accommodate a growing workforce; the mezzanine is dedicated to focused work.

The Akcelo workplace is designed as an agile environment & encourages staff to work where they feel most creative.

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