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Immersed in natural earth tones and minerals, this exceptional workspace is home to MMG, a global resources company. With their unwavering dedication to “mining for progress,” MMG sought to create a workplace that not only resonates with their industry but also embodies their core values.

The office design ingeniously weaves natural earth tones, reminiscent of the Australian outback, featuring deep browns, rich reds, and vibrant oranges. Materials such as stone, rock, marble, and metal, akin to the company’s field, are seamlessly integrated. During construction, Cachet extended our commitment to MMG by operating the site similarly to an MMG worksite, reflecting our dedication to site health, safety, and delivery. The result – a truly personalised space that authentically feels like an extension of the brand itself.

Intertwined with this design are elements of Aboriginal art, lending the workspace with cultural depth, historical significance, and a sense of heritage.

A standout feature of this project is the expansive arrival space that ingeniously introduces the brand and their industry through the use of colour, cleverly exposed earth ceiling and the striking display of pure minerals and rocks. Another key area is the spacious breakout area, providing MMG’s staff with a communal space to gather, eat and celebrate together.

The office design boasts a diverse array of open work settings, a number of meeting spaces, focus booths, wellness rooms and collab zones, empowering staff to focus, collaborate, and progress.

This transformed space serves as a genuine reflection of MMG’s unwavering commitment to their people, innovation, and global connectivity, echoing their core values and vision for a sustainable future.

Watch the  full video to find out how we brought this project to life.


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