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At the heart of Auckland’s busiest street sits 205 Queen Street, a two-tower landmark, owned by Roxy-Pacific, a forward-thinking asset owner with a bold ambition.

With a daring spirit, Roxy conceptualized a visionary approach; six distinct speculative suites around the elements – earth, fire and water in one tower of the building, and yin and yang in the other tower. This innovative concept laid the foundation for a project that would captivate the market and introduce premium speculative suites to the towers.

Partnering with Cachet Group, Roxy’s vision began to take shape through concept design, materiality workshops and 3D Design. On site, each suite was meticulously designed and constructed to embody its respective element, with a distinctive colour palette setting the tone. From the warm hues of orange and ash in the fire suite to the serene blues of water, every detail was thoughtfully curated to create a truly extraordinary offering to their prospective tenants.

On completion of the suites, the earth suite has been successfully leased, with the ‘yang’ suite nearing finalisation of its leasing process, signalling the market’s embrace of Roxy’s brave concept of speculative suites.

In the end, Roxy’s journey with Cachet Group from concept to completion was not just about constructing physical spaces; it was about crafting a premium offering to the market that would leave a lasting impression for tenants.

This project now not only serves as a testament to Roxy’s commitment to innovation but also to Cachet Group’s expertise in translating visionary concepts into reality.


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