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Bank of China, one of the world’s biggest banks, have been growing their presence in Australia and New Zealand since they opened their Sydney branch in 2008.

A big part of their success story has been their willingness to embrace local cultures. This was evident when they engaged Cachet to expand their Auckland workplace – with the client keen to showcase Chinese and New Zealand cultures in both the design and the working environment.

Cachet worked collaboratively with the client, including the CEO himself, to ensure the environment we created was cohesive, connected and made people feel welcome. That included making the CEO’s personal ‘office’ open and accessible.

Our design took a minimalist approach to integrate Chinese culture, New Zealand culture and Bank of China’s branding palette. Locally designed and manufactured furniture pieces were upholstered in New Zealand woollen fabrics in the company’s colours of white, grey, charcoal and hints of burnt raspberry.

We used clean lines for the joinery, minimal pattern for the flooring and an exposed polished concrete floor to guide clients and guests to their hosting space–where the curated vision could be seen in its entirety.


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