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EY is one of the four most influential accounting firms in the world. Cultivating culture and innovation since its origin, EY has a strong focus on building great spaces for their staff. This ethos ultimately motivated the Auckland EY Wavespace project.

The objective was to create an experiential space where staff and clients are immersed in disruptive technologies, transformative thinking, growth, and innovation; all housed within a space that echoes the surrounding local environment.

Weaving EY’s signature brand colours into the design, Cachet Group designed an open and collaborative technology hub. The EY Wavespace accommodates a large open presentation zone that is anchored by collaboration zones. The presentation zone is delineated by a feature floor finish, curtains, and suspended halo lighting, allowing for flow and movement throughout the open floorspace.

Through purposeful yet subtle design, EY achieved an immersive and experiential space.


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