At Cachet Group, we specialize in creating personalized, data-driven office environments that resonate with your brand and elevate your team’s potential. Our Sydney office has dedicated interior designers and project managers who have collaborated on projects with a range of renowned organisations.



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Cachet Group Projects in Sydney

Akcelo’s breathtaking modern workplace seamlessly blends work with play, fostering collaboration and innovation, unlike others. Cachet designed an open designed an open, collaborative environment that fosters innovation and productivity.

Sydney Commercial Interior Fitout

LinkedIn’s Sydney office incorporated customised joinery, expressive branding and natural light in its interior design workspace. This result is an inspiring, collaborative environment that reflects both the local culture and LinkedIn’s global brand.

WT’s award-winning retrofit design success shifted their workplace culture towards openness and accountability which prioritized sustainability by incorporating energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly materials.

BAI Communications’ Sydney office combines functionality with aesthetics. Cachet infused commercial interior design principles to create a space that encourages creativity and strategic thinking.

Workplace Fitout Sony Australia

Sony Australia’s office is a testament to Cachet expertise in commercial office fitouts. Cachet balanced modernity and brand identity, incorporating cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design for their team.

This workplace prioritizes privacy and comfort. Cachet design seamlessly integrated existing furnishings and structural elements while infusing homeliness and warmth through soft colours, subtle curves, and thoughtful collaboration spaces.

Colgate_Sydney Office Design Fitout Arrival

Colgate-Palmolive’s Sydney office radiates freshness and cleanliness. Cachet emphasized natural light and greenery, aligning with commercial interior design principles to enhance employee well-being.

Cachet collaboration with 59 Goulburn St resulted in flexible, adaptable speculative suites. These spaces cater to diverse tenant needs, showcasing Cachet expertise in commercial office fitouts.

FTI Consulting’s office balances professionalism and creativity. Cachet integrated functional zones for client meetings and team brainstorming, emphasizing both aesthetics and functionality.

Hitachi Vantara Sydney Office Fitout

Hitachi Vantara’s workspace embodies innovation. Cachet design incorporates smart technology and agile workstations, aligning with commercial interior design principles fostering a lively workplace culture and creating an efficient workspace.

MYOB’s Sydney office promotes work-life balance. Cachet created breakout areas, quiet zones, and collaborative hubs for their diverse workforce, demonstrating Cachet commitment to commercial office fitouts.

IQVIA’s workspace prioritizes data-driven decision-making. Cachet design supports their research and analytics teams with efficient layouts, a hallmark of Cachet commercial interior design approach.

Sony Pictures’ Theatrette is a cozy, cinematic space to create a more contemporary, comfortable space with added functionality for day or night events. Cachet optimized acoustics and seating for immersive presentations and screenings, showcasing Cachet expertise in both design and functionality.

Sanofi’s office emphasizes health and well-being. Cachet design integrates ergonomic furniture and wellness zones, aligning with commercial interior design principles.


IGT’s Sydney office celebrates gaming culture. Cachet infused playful elements into their workspace while maintaining professionalism, a testament to Cachet commercial office fitouts.

Crawford & Co’s office exudes reliability and trust. Cachet design ensures seamless claims processing and client interactions, reflecting Cachet commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

Suntory Coffee’s workspace reflects its brand’s essence. Cachet curated a coffee-inspired ambience for their team, blending aesthetics and practicality which seamlessly blends a modern café with a flexible workspace.

MetLife’s office prioritizes employee engagement. Cachet design encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, embodying commercial interior design principles.

Centennial Place Basebuild Make good

Cachet collaboration with 300 Elizabeth St resulted in a successful “make good” project. Cachet transformed the space for future tenants, emphasizing functionality and aesthetics.

Oracle Corporation’s Sydney office is a hub of technological innovation. Cachet design integrates cutting-edge IT infrastructure, aligning with commercial interior design principles.

CLSA Sydney Office Design

CLSA’s workspace balances professionalism and creativity. Cachet optimized its layout for efficient financial services operations, showcasing Cachet expertise in commercial office fitouts.


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