Cachet is a leading commercial interior design and construction provider offering full lifecycle partnerships for clients across Australia (Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne), New Zealand, and APAC. We are data-led to design personalized, meaningful spaces that are delivered and maintained by one dedicated team.

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Our design strategy begins with thorough research, and understanding of your business goals, user needs, and spatial requirements. Sitting down with your key stakeholders, we analyse your existing layouts, traffic flow, utilisation, spatial needs, and more. From there, we translate your vision of the project brief to functional schematic plans with layouts that strategically support your objectives, and your people whilst aligning to your culture. During this process, we also outline the spatial arrangements, colour palettes, furniture layouts, and material choices—forming the foundation for detailed design development.

Our experienced and in-house Project Managers oversee every aspect of the project, from procurement and programme management to installation and completion. We collaborate with skilled contractors, ensuring timely execution and adherence to design specifications.

Our commercial office fitout services incorporate all facets of a fitout project, from strategy and concept to detailed design, through to procurement and construction & site management. Our dedicated team of interior designers and project managers tailor solutions to your organization’s unique requirements.

Cachet works with Property Owners, Asset Owners, Developers, and Facility Managers to enhance their assets – from the building lobby and speculative suites to end-of-trip facilities. Our expertise lies in optimising layouts, improving energy efficiency, providing modern design solutions and upgrading building systems to increase the value of your assets and help attract or retain your tenants. Whether it’s retrofitting, adaptive reuse, or modernising facilities, we add value to base building assets.

During relocation or expansion, Cachet Group assists with seamless transitions. We coordinate move logistics, including furniture installation, IT setup, and signage placement through your dedicated Site Manager, who has been with you from day one of construction. Our team ensures minimal disruption to your operations. Additionally, we provide ongoing support through our Cachet Care Programme, which familiarises employees with the new space, promoting engagement, and facilitating a smooth transition to your new workplace.

The Cachet Care Programme is our commitment to long-term client satisfaction. We don’t just hand over the keys at completion, we also provide ongoing full lifecycle support allowing your space to adapt to your growing needs, beyond practical completion. Through our Cachet Care Programme, we use a live 24/7 ticket and issue management system that enables you to raise and track interior design and office space maintenance issues directly with your dedicated Account Manager. This programme also includes regular check-ins, post-occupancy evaluations, and proactive maintenance. By addressing any issues promptly, we ensure that your space continues to meet your expectations. It fosters lasting relationships and ensures the longevity of our design solutions.


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