Base Building & Asset Owner

Cachet Group work with Property Managers, Asset Owners / Landlords, and the like to enhance your base building. From Lobby upgrades to speculative suites, our design and construct team work with you to transform your asset and attract tenants


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Base Build Projects can be challenging that’s why we provide feasible options for your project to increase its marketability. Through our site walkthrough, we recommend which spaces are key decision drivers in your building and work to transform these areas within your budget and requirements.
Your lobby and core amenities play a role in your prospective tenant’s decision making. To support their decision making and amplify your building, Cachet Group can transform your lobby and core amenities. We work with you to create a space that reflects your brand and the building’s identity.
End-of-trip facilities are a popular want for many businesses in the current market as they promote good health and fitness habits in their workplace. Having a modern design and fitted EOT facility can drastically boost your building’s marketability and demand.
Additionally, to EOT and Lobbies, the concierge and third space areas can improve your building. Cachet Group design and construct to your requirements no matter the size and shape of these areas.
Wayfinding and signage solutions are a cost-efficient project that acts as a face-lift to your building. Whether you choose pragmatic or creative design, wayfinding can subtly change the look and feel of your common areas.
Speculative Suites are becoming an increasingly sought-after office space for growing businesses in the Asia-Pacific. Cachet Group bring successful methods of creating marketable suites that a potential tenant can envision their brand and their people in.
As with all projects we undertake, Cachet Group develop BI Modelling and As-builts on completion. All assets are developed into digital descriptions, using a set of appropriate technology and as-builts are provided so your facilities maintenance partner can maintain your new space.
Make Good and Pre-lease works are simple ways to bring life back into your building floor. Cachet Group design and construct the space by incorporating the best features of the floor and creating a neutral yet purposeful design for your next tenant.
Increasing your marketability is key. Cachet Group support your efforts and provide a marketing presentation package as a leasing tool for you. This includes 3D walkthroughs, renders and flythroughs.


Create a project board of key spaces and start your brief for your project. Select from over 10 years of our experience across all sectors to create a vision for your next project.