We don’t just deliver great projects; we also develop great relationships through our design construct care approach. With every space, we offer responsive, full lifecycle support through our Cachet Care Programme; helping you maintain and optimise your space by providing interior design maintenance and warranty, now and into the future.


Your commercial interior fitout is delivered to completion which means all defects and remedials are managed promptly and with high priority so you can enjoy your personalised space to its fullest from day one.
Moving can be challenging however we make relocation and moving hassle-free. Because we have planned the commercial interior design of your space with you from day one, we know where all equipment and technology is to be placed. This makes your relocation process, smooth and stress free.
A new space is a good time to adopt new processes. Cachet Group strategically design your office fitout for your present and future requirements. We ensure your employees can understand, adapt and embrace to your new commercial office space, seamlessly.
Cachet Group prepare all warranty, maintenance and guarantee documentation. This gives you confidence that your space is fully maintained in all aspects, from joinery to bathroom fittings and plumbing. All work is completed by certified tradesmen to ensure you receive a quality space.
Cachet Group provide all as-built documentation to certify your completed interior fitout meets all requirements. This information is further managed and stored in our database so we can promptly maintain your assets with ease and efficiency.
Prior to handover, Cachet Group undertake all testing and commissioning to certify that elements designed and installed are operating safely and to operational requirements. All testing and commissioning is carefully documented.
To make certain your team can be up and running from day one, Cachet Group complete all technology integration. From strategising to implementation and testing, we ensure the designed technology integrates to your organisation processes.
We carry out a personalised site onboarding and training session to ensure your personalised workspace is truly yours. During this session, your delivery team provide all documentations and complete a site walk-through and train you on how to make best use of your space.


Engaging with Cachet Care means your assets are meticulously maintained under warranty. All items are loaded into our database. Through our live database you have access to view, assess, and track asset warranty coverage and associated data as well as progress on remediation.
Cachet Group use a live 24/7 ticket and issue management system which enables you to raise and track interior design and office space maintenance issues directly with your dedicated Account Manager. All tickets are assessed on risk, priority, and deadlines and are actioned swiftly.
Your personalised space is not only delivered to the highest quality but also maintained to the highest quality. Your dedicated Account Manager completes monthly and quarterly inspections to ensure all assets are operating to their requirements including commercial space modifications.
We provide detailed condition and safety reporting highlighting all findings from our monthly and quarterly inspections. Any actions are raised as tickets and are remedied. Condition reports provide you a holistic view on the condition, maintenance, and optimisation of your space.
Cachet Group design your personalised space to befit your brand and people. We understand your business may change therefore, we are proactive and plan with purpose. This means if you require commercial space modifications or adjustment, we can complete this, efficiently.
Cachet Group ensures all assets within your personalised space is identified and tracked. These assets are loaded into our system and regularly inspected and remedied if needed to ensure your space is maintained for your brand and people.


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