We lead all aspects of the project, to guarantee every commitment to time, cost and quality is met. Our extensive project management & construction experience ensures the highest quality, design alignment and safety standards in the delivery of your office interior fitout


Through effective estimation methods, we provide you with cost effective solutions that will achieve your personalised space within scope and timelines set. Our cost estimation process allows us to plan to your requirements by means of proper procurement and manufacturing management.
Cachet Group manage and fulfil all resource requirements to deliver projects to a successful completion of your workspace interior fitout. Procurement timelines are weaved in conjunction with design timeframes, cleverly, to progress your project.
With a strong supplier and subcontractor network, Cachet Group pride ourselves on our ability to meet resource requirements with offsite manufacturing and our efficient contingency plans that are both highly valued by or clients.
Cachet Group have experienced Project Managers who are dedicated to your project from Day one up to the completion of your commercial design. Our strength lies in our ability to offer a holistic approach to your project and maintaining stringent programme milestones.
Manufacturing lead times are one of the biggest, unexpected risks to a project. To meet your project timeframe, Cachet Group manage all offsite manufacturing, procurement management and office site management simultaneously with key milestones, early in the project.


Cachet Group assign a dedicated in-house Construction team who are responsible for completing your project to succession from procurement, manufacturing, and office construction management.. The dedicated Project Manager ensures your project is completed on time, safely, to budget and to the highest quality.
Our Site Managers are dedicated to your project, throughout its duration. Holding appropriate training and years of experience, our Site Managers ensure your site is safe and all trade work is delivered to the highest quality.
Cachet Group implement stringent quality assurance protocols that ensure all trade work is completed to the highest quality. Construction works are regularly audited to give our clients confidence that their personalised space reflects their brand.
In delivering your personalised space, Cachet Group take utmost care to ensure interior commercial space does not negatively impact the environment. Waste, emissions and chemicals are handled under robust procedures.
Ensuring all construction is within budget is a key project indicator. Closely monitored Actual expenditure vs budget is tracked within our Project Management tool by the dedicated construction team. Any divergence is notified, and a solution is quickly implemented.
Cachet Group manage all facets of FFE installs. This includes procurement, logistics and installation. Throughout the development stages, we ensure undertake an existing FFE check and reuse selected FFE that match to your new personalised space.
Ensuring your new personalised space is operable from handover is important. We ensure all technology assets are installed and operating so that your teams can collaborate and have productive activities, reducing downtime caused by workplace relocations.


Create a project board of key spaces and start your brief for your project. Select from over 10 years of our experience across all sectors to create a vision for your next project.