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Colgate-Palmolive is a world-renowned brand, dedicated to reimagining a healthier future for all people, their pets, and our planet. To support their commitment, Cachet was engaged to transform their new office into the next generation of hybrid working, away from their previous traditional workplace.

Relocating to the premier 5-Greenstar precinct, 420 George Street, provided Colgate an opportunity to enact a much-needed change in this Sydney Office design. The key objectives were to redefine their work culture and create a space that encouraged connection, collaboration, and focus. However, this was a significant shift in their staff’s routine and familiar behaviors.

Through a series of workshops with Workplace Strategy provider Meta5 Group, Colgate developed a strong Workplace and Technology Strategy Brief and Change Management Programme which facilitated a seamless journey for their staff into their new hybrid workplace.

Cohesion and connection were the principal drivers in this design to aid in this journey, so each space was intended to have a subtle connection to the next. The reception seated on Level 29 was designed with glass partitions in place of walls providing visibility into the digital collab and training room, drawing visitors through the space. These areas are highly versatile and can host large conferences to small training days with the operable walls allowing disconnection where and when needed. Across this level, visitors and staff can find a range of meeting rooms, work booths and digital lounges for focus, collaboration, or creative work.

Downstairs, staff can choose from more than seven different workstyle settings in the open plan, from booths, quiet rooms, and lounge nooks to meeting rooms, drop-in tables and more. A large kitchen breakout is located towards the northeast face, where staff can gather, eat, and celebrate as a family. At the back-of-house, staff are provided with fixed workstations which encourage collaboration due to its unique windmill-like placements.

With fresh timbers, planting, and hues of green, the design creates a soft, warm, and welcoming environment, achieving Colgate’s intended concept as ‘a place to be’.

Cachet’s design has ultimately transported Colgate from their traditional office into a new open hybrid workplace that elevates the brand and its people into their next chapter.

Watch the project video showcasing our process here.


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