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1 O’Connell, located in Sydney’s financial district, is a premium workplace destination that is home to our valued client, an international reinsurance company. In 2018, Cachet Group were engaged to design and construct their then new office. Five years later, Cachet had the privilege of refreshing their space and transitioning the brand into their 2nd Gen workplace.

With a vision for a modern design, revitalising areas that mattered, and a desire to retain much of the built environment, the focus turned to the front of the house, the company’s client-facing domain, and the back of house, including “The Hub” – staff breakout.

Existing furnishings and well-preserved structural elements, such as the curved ceilings designed by Cachet in 2018, were seamlessly integrated into the new design, showcasing their timeless beauty and endurance.

The concept direction drew inspiration from the idea of infusing homeliness into the office. Soft colours such as greens and blues dominated the palette. Delicate breaks, such as curtains, shelving, & timber partitions, and soft seating, were used throughout to introduce new collaboration spaces and facilitate touch-down meetings and informal gatherings.

The client-facing front of house retained the corporate blue, modernized with white accents and light tan leather, projecting a fresh and contemporary image. In contrast, the heart of the office, “The Hub embraced softer tones, with soothing greens and rich timber flooring, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The newly reinvigorated office at 1 O’Connell underscores the value of 2nd Gen fitouts. The project outcome illustrates how thoughtful design planning with a focus on retaining what was, can effortlessly usher an office into its new generation, enjoyed by their people and their clients.


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