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As a universally known brand, Sony stands for quality and dependability. Set to relocate to a new premises, Sony Australia saw an opportunity to refresh their workplace to support their company culture and changing work styles.

Cachet Group were engaged to design and construct new Sydney Office into a thriving workplace that supports Sony’s culture. Having worked with Sony for many years, the design team were familiar with the brand’s look and feel. The interior incorporates order, balance, and simplicity with traces of connectivity, technology, and innovation to pull together a contemporary workspace and enriching atmosphere.

Sustainability was important in this project. Cachet reused existing furnishings where possible. By pairing these with simple materials such as metals, fluted timber cladding, embossed and engraved acoustic panelling and polished concrete, all elements – new and old – seamlessly worked together. A key design feature in this office is the new and bespoke workstation system which creates individual workspaces for Sony’s staff within an open environment.


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