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With a commitment to creating a work environment that truly puts the needs of Mable’s employees and the surrounding community at the centre, Cachet joined forces with Mable to reimagine and regenerate their Sydney workplace.

Mable is a pioneering platform in Australia, connecting individuals and families with independent support workers, fostering a culture of care and empowerment.

Fuelled by this shared vision, Cachet engaged in a meticulous assessment and deep dialogue with Mable’s leadership team, where we crafted a tailored plan to breathe new life into the workspace.

Our regenerative design focused on fostering natural interactions, revitalising key spaces, and integrating community-focused amenities to encourage local engagement.

Sustainability was woven into every aspect of the project, aligning with Mable’s dedication to making a positive impact. Completing a regenerative fitout and upcycling furniture and fixtures, not meant we reduced the project’s carbon footprint but also achieved significant cost savings, up to 30% in key spaces.

As the final touches fell into place and the vision became reality, we’re proud to see Mable’s ethos reflected in every corner of the workspace. Our partnership aimed not just to create a functional environment but to inspire innovation, foster belonging, and leave a lasting, positive impact on all who enter.

Welcome to Mable’s new Regenerated Sydney workspace, where purpose meets passion, and community thrives.


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