The Benefits of Design and Construct

January 31, 2024

Transforming Your Vision into Reality with a Seamless Experience

In today’s fast-paced business arena, creating a space that is both functional and inspiring is essential for success. A well-designed and constructed environment can attract and retain top talent, boost employee productivity, and enhance brand image. The design and construct approach offers a unique opportunity to achieve these goals by integrating design and construction into a single, streamlined process, saving you time, resource and capital, all the while achieving a high quality and successful outcome.

Unlocking the Potential of Design and Construct

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings
    • By merging design and construction, we streamline communication, enhance efficiency, and cut project costs. Early construction team involvement allows for cost-effective value engineering and material selection.
  2. Streamlined Communication and Collaboration
    • We offer a dedicated team who are with you from day one. This ensures we are with you on your project journey every step of the way, striving to reach our shared goals and prompt issue resolution. The model encourages shared ownership, enhancing project success.
  3. Improved Quality and Design Integrity
    • Our Designers and Project Managers collaborate closely in the design and construct process, ensuring the design becomes reality with high quality, minimizing errors and meeting your functional, feasible and aesthetic needs.
  4. Reduced Risk and Time-Saving
    • The design and construct model, through a single contract, minimizes delays and cost overruns by having a unified management for the entire project, ensuring a shared timeline and budget. Prefabrication and modular construction techniques can also be utilized for faster project delivery.
  5. Increased Sustainability and Customization
    • The design and construct approach ensures an integrated and sustainable design process, considering environmental impact early on for a functional and eco-friendly space. It also offers greater customization to meet unique needs.

Examples of Design and Construct Projects

Cachet Group are a proven design and construct provider for Australia and New Zealand. Using our Design and Construct approach we have successfully completed projects for a wide range of clients..

EY Christchurch: This project involved the design and construction of a new office space that promotes collaboration and innovation among employees.

MYOB: Cachet Group helped MYOB create a modern and functional office that reflects the company’s culture and brand identity.

Uber Auckland: The design and construct team created a vibrant and collaborative workspace for Uber’s employees in Auckland.

Cachet Group, Your Design and Construct Partner

At Cachet Group, we are passionate about creating personalised spaces that inspire and empower brands and their people to reach their full potential. Our team of experienced designers and construction professionals understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the design and construct approach, and we are committed to delivering projects that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Unlock the advantages of design and construct with Cachet Group. Experience reduced stress, improved project coordination, and greater flexibility for responsive changes. This streamlined approach ensures long-term value, functionality, and heightened occupant satisfaction.

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