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Founded in Melbourne’s South East in 1905, Macpherson Kelley has evolved into a national full-service commercial law firm, with offices across Australia.

The relocation from their Bond St, Sydney office provided an opportunity to reimagine their workspace in line with their vision. The aim was to depart from traditional cubicles and create a modern, dynamic environment that redefines the typical lawyer’s office.

Emphasising collaboration and creativity, the design also offers ideal settings for focused work and client interactions. By blending a modern, neutral palette with Macpherson Kelley’s corporate colors, the space now boasts a unique and cohesive identity.

Cachet responded to this vision with the innovative ‘pinwheel’ workstation design, designed to balance privacy and openness. Angled desks and high screens create individual working pods, while 8 quiet rooms were integrated to provide staff with private spaces for confidential discussions, maintaining continuity with their previous office setup.

A standout feature is the front-of-house area; the boardroom includes an operable wall that can divide into two meeting rooms, offering flexibility for internal meetings and external gatherings, and seamlessly adapting to various layouts and functions.

Macpherson Kelley welcomes their people to a new, modern and dynamic environment.


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