Commercial Office Fitouts New Zealand

Retrofitting your workplace with strategic and meaningful design will set you up for success and give you the best chance at meeting your goals. At the very least, a comprehensive office fitout service should help to change the way your staff feel about where they work.

At Cachet Group, we can help with that. We strive to create premium office spaces that are practical for your physical space as much as they are efficient for your people. Our team of talented individuals offer an end-to-end experience across:

Hiring an aggregation of contractors leads to a stop and go process that is not optimal for meeting deadlines. Moreover, having multiple different teams with varying specialties on the job site with limited direction can lead to disconnection and miscommunication, which may result in increased costs, wasted resources and an overall poor outcome.

By working with Cachet Group, our comprehensive office fitout services include commercial interior design and construction.

Commercial Interior Design with Cachet Group

We’ve developed a streamlined design and construct process that starts with in-depth workshopping to reveal a personalised design that’s brought to life through our robust Construction and Site Management — ending with quality maintenance and modification services. Our Design, Construct and Care approach to an office fitout means that no detail is omitted and ensures access to continued support even after we’ve completed the project.

Our dedicated team takes care of:

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Why You Should Consider an Office Fitout

An office fitout completed to a high quality standard by Cachet Group means you’re getting office interior design, construction and care all in one place — and by the same team you meet from day one. We take you on the journey, understanding your objectives and finding a solution that helps your brand and people thrive.

When an office space is dull and inefficient, it can actively contribute to your people’s overall performance and enthusiasm for their work. This can directly lead to decreased productivity and a culture that’s not as healthy as it should be, which can negatively affect important aspects of your business.

We understand this, which is why we strive to design and construct workplaces that:

  • Actively encourage people to be their best.
  • Collaborate with their colleagues.
  • Have adequate space to break away from the commotion of business when they need a break.
  • Encourage and improve a healthy organisational culture.
  • Promote activity that helps you achieve business objectives.

Investing in your workspace offers a lot of benefits. By engaging the office fitout professionals at Cachet, you will gain:

  • Smart and efficient use of your space.
  • Enhanced opportunities for team collaboration.
  • Heightened ability to foster productivity.
  • Decreased employee turnover.
  • Increased likelihood of attracting new talent.

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Organisations That Stand to Benefit the Most from an Office Fitout

No matter what type of business, building, or budget we’re working with, our dedicated team can create the perfect workplace for you and your people.

We’ve created incredible spaces across a diverse range of industries, such as:

We understand that every workplace holds intrinsic value. Businesses cannot afford to get office design wrong — it can prove to be costly for a business if the fitout needs to be updated after your staff have already moved in.

Workplaces that care about their people, wish to attract staff and retain talent stand to benefit the most from an office fitout. Brands such as Sony, Uber and Ford Motors are all organisations that understand the value of investing in their people. Through our strategic approach to office fitout design and construction, we can help any type of business, no matter your budget.

We work with brands that see the inherent value in their workplaces, like we do — helping them reshape their space through meaningful and pragmatic design. Through comprehensive analysis, we provide a personalised solution that tackles challenges head on.

Personalised commercial interiors for any type of business

Every organisation has a unique set of needs, and we understand that. Therefore, every work environment needs to be different to best cater to those requirements. That’s why personalisation is an inherent part of our process. We make it our mission to design a commercial space that serves your brand and people — not just an abstract idea of what we think they are.

While these design elements are meaningful for every type of business, they’re particularly so for larger organisations. Why? Because the more employees you have, the more difficult it becomes to foster employee wellbeing.

Here aRE just a few things that we consider when designing and constructing your space:

An office should be a comfortable place, because no one does their best work in an incommodious environment. Standing desks, lounge chairs and quiet pods, like the ones seen at our Akcelo project, are all great examples of optimising for comfort. We’ll get to the bottom of what is best for your team to thrive, from furniture to features, to ensure that your people have a pleasant place to conduct business.

Calm encompasses everything from accommodating for extra storage solutions thereby concealing clutter, streamlining foot traffic through simply delineating floor finishes and ceiling finishes — like we did here — and providing effective breakout areas that let employees decompress and disconnect. Once you have an office that works for your employees, it should naturally fall into harmony — and amidst that harmony, people work better.

Space planning is a big part of thoughtful office interior design. The way a workspace is divided can have a direct impact on productivity. For example, placing workspaces well away from window glazing to avoid distractions, or situating a tea point away from the front of house to ensure the best first impressions for clients visiting the office. Our data-driven, yet human approach to office fitouts will help inform our decision on how to best organise your new space.

Colour is a great example of a subtle but significant design feature that can tremendously influence how people operate in or feel about an office. And, playing with colour can inspire creativity. Brand-appropriate, enjoyable colour schemes are the name of the game — and they’re fully customisable.

Investing In an Office Fitout With Cachet

A brand new office fitout is an investment. Not just in the physical structure of your workplace, but in your people as well. More than ever, working professionals cite workplace culture as being a top-of-mind criteria when considering an offer of employment. It is difficult to foster a healthy and exciting workplace without a workplace that is engaging, meaningful and conducive to your staff’s wellbeing.

When you invest in an office or commercial fitout with Cachet, you get comprehensive commercial interior design, construction and care services that combine data-led processes with a distinctly human approach to create workplace excellence — all at a high standard.

It may be difficult to see value in an office fitout project in the current economy and while being indifferent about your current workplace design may save you money in the short term, the benefits of an office refurbishment far outweigh that in the long run.

Office Fitouts with Cachet Group

At Cachet Group, we’re a one-stop shop for premium office fitouts across Australia and New Zealand, offering interior design, project management and construction & site management. As a complete commercial interior design and construct contractor, our team of dedicated professionals work to understand your objectives and goals and become an extension of you to create a space that is personalised for your business.

The same team stays with you throughout the duration of the office fitout project, offering a complete experience with minimal disruption. That means that we ideate, build and continually optimise your office space with you, bringing you along on the journey whilst taking care of every detail. You will no longer have to worry about meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

Above all, we continue to support you and your workplace, even after handover. Our trusted partners will monitor your new fitout and how your people are experiencing it. We know your business will change over the years and we want your space to change with you. Through our monthly, quarterly and annual inspections via our Cachet Care Programme, we’ll identify any optimisations and modify the space accordingly. This ensures that your new office design is working as intended for both your business and your staff, and that it changes alongside you.

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