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Much to our delight, we were invited to work on the extension of Ford’s existing Design Centre at Campbellfield, on the back of a number of successfully completed design and build office refurbishments for the company.

With highly confidential projects still being conducted in the existing design centre, we had to be mindful of privacy and respectful of the design team’s needs at all times. Conceptually the brief was to create a space that promoted collaboration, innovation and creative thinking. The space also needed to allow for people to physically and digitally present their designs, with two breakout spaces for formal and impromptu meetings.

Our design seamlessly tied in the existing building with the new extension. This was a complex exercise involving the coordination of architectural and interior design, requiring meticulous attention to detail throughout the design and construction phases. Aesthetically the interior consists of greys and navy blues, which is complemented by the warmth of the timber detailing in the central breakout structure. The colour pallet was designed to work with Ford’s brand, while creating a canvas for the staff to flourish creatively.


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