Best Awards – 2018 Finalists

The details

Uber takes people places and we wanted their Auckland workplace interior to do the same. Encouraged by Uber’s New Zealand-based team to push the boundaries, Cachet delivered a welcoming environment without the formalities expected from an office space.

The two spaces in the brief were very different in their requirements. For the main office space, Uber wanted open plan workstations, casual meeting rooms, quiet rooms and lockers for centralised personal storage. But for the back of house, Uber wanted to create a retail-like experience (known as a ‘Green Light Hub’) to showcase Uber to prospective drivers.

Our design brings these two elements together, with both spaces feeling like a home away from home. The award-winning design was inspired by Auckland’s rich hospitality culture, weekend beach escapes and long forest walks hunting for hidden waterfalls. It’s also deeply connected to New Zealand, with a cave-like accessway of private meeting rooms and an oversized reception counter that echoes the contours of Aotearoa.


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