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Global cosmetics giant L’Oréal has a brand that’s synonymous with style. So, when they asked us to design their Head Office and Cosmetics Training Academy in Auckland, we knew both spaces needed to be sophisticated and beautiful.

The shift to new premises, the first such move in 10 years, coincided with an organisational change across the global business – with greater emphasis placed on workplace culture. L’Oréal also wanted to bring their future vision to life in one space, while celebrating the company’s multitude of cosmetic brands and international reach.

Our design reflected L’Oréal’s European origins, while also creating something distinctively New Zealand to make the local team feel at home. We achieved this by using a balance of European textiles and local NZ solid finishes.

In the office space, we brought to life L’Oréal’s rich history of product innovation by creating a ‘Cosmetic Salon’ feel – adding a platform for product displays and experiences in the key arrival and external hosting spaces.


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