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The details

Limitless opportunities and infinite creativity inspired the design for the Ford Makerspace; a workshop that encourages creativity, imagination, and collaboration.

Given the successful partnership with Ford, Cachet Group were engaged to accelerate the Makerspace project. Featuring a large tiered-seating area, six workstations, training spaces and a 3D studio, the Makerspace combines the versatility of a workshop with a corporate workspace.

The tiered seating was a key feature of the Makerspace. Seating up to 60 people, this area allowed for Ford to run large training seminars that stimulates a creative mind.

The design makes way for pops of colour and playful graphics that complement the natural timber and concrete finishes. With operable walls and flexible furniture, Ford can easily transform the space to match their needs.

The overall space acts as a vehicle that can drive Ford forward in automotive innovation.


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