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DHL, a global leader in shipping and logistics, is renowned for its distinctive red & yellow brand colours and commitment to delivering excellence in a digital landscape. Their adaptive culture and strong brand identity were contributing principles to the redesign of their Auckland Workplace.

The vision for this workplace design was more than aesthetic enhancement; it aimed to create a personalised and purposeful environment that not only represented their brand but also met their practical workplace needs.

From meeting rooms and modern workspaces to collaboration zones and designated breakout areas, the refreshed floorplate has an array of spaces that cater to the new generation of work. A key focal point of this project were the breakout spaces, recognised for their pivotal role in fostering socialisation and interaction for DHL. As such, the downstairs cafeteria was refreshed with light flexible furniture that facilitates its transformation into a versatile venue for team events. Upstairs, the kitchen was designed with calming hues, creating a serene retreat for employees to unwind during their break times.

The overall workplace redesign did not shy away from incorporating elements representing DHL’s industry. This is demonstrated in the reception desk, ingeniously designed to resemble a shipping container. Similarly, the carpets, furniture, and wall panelling subtly reflect the logistics industry and weaves the brand’s bold and vibrant colour schemes.

DHL’s refreshed personalised and practical workplace demonstrates the power of adopting modern design principles to transport organisations to the new generation of work. The renewed workplace reflects DHL’s dedication to providing the best environment for its workforce, paving the way for growth and advancement in their industry.


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