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CLSA is an international brokerage and investment group, with offices in 20 cities around the world. For their Sydney office, located in the iconic Grosvenor Place building, CLSA wanted a new Sydney office design that looked sophisticated but was also welcoming and comfortable.

While this brief presented a challenge for Cachet to strike the right balance between interesting and corporate, the biggest design challenge was in the planning. With limited space to work with, it would be difficult to fit everything in and get it to work the way it needed to.

Importantly, the finished space provided the softness and warmth the client was after. This was achieved by using a harmonious mix of neutral tones and inviting textures, as seen in the flooring, timber feature ceilings, workstation screens and fabric wall panels.

Cachet delivered a design that not only achieved all of CLSA’s functional requirements but provided for a breakout café on the perimeter window – giving all staff access to an impressive view.


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