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When global data storage company Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) wanted to foster a lively workplace culture through their Melbourne office refurbishment project, they commissioned Cachet following the successful design and delivery of their Sydney and Brisbane offices.

A key goal of the project was to integrate two business divisions onto one floor. So we delivered an open-plan ‘neighbourhood’ concept that maximised access to amenity and support spaces. By moving built spaces towards the core, light now flowed into the dark central zones with the aim of lifting productivity.

To create a symbolic connection with the entire Hitachi group, we designed and manufactured a timber-framed Spirit Tree in the breakout area–providing an enduring reference to the company’s values of ‘Spirit, Harmony and Unity’.

To improve the cultural connection between the two HDS divisions, we created a central collaboration zone. We also designed a central meeting zone with clear visual access to their datacentre. This allowed their core product to be displayed to clients from the comfort and functionality of a meeting room


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