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Amart Furniture’s move to a new Brisbane premises came after a long period of temporary residency, with their original home destroyed by floods in 2011. Naturally they were keen to make their new home energising and uplifting. The move also involved a shift to activity-based working, moving away from multiple divided spaces to a more open and flexible environment.

Cachet provided workplace strategy advice to help Amart Furniture manage shift to activity-based working. Through our research and understanding of the business, we were able to design a tailored workspace that perfectly suited their way of working.

Our design used a concept of “movement” to reflect Amart Furniture’s culture of being customer-driven, engaging and responsive. We used bold, bright colours to help define the various work zones and enhance the sense of movement through the workspace.

Key to their Brisbane Office Design was the cafe-styled breakout space, which helped to bring a sense of activity and connectivity to the Reception area, wile providing a mixture of formal and informal collaboration areas easily accessible by staff and visitors.


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